Taking photos lets us freeze specific events, sceneries, and occasions in time. We can store these photos on a cloud or social media. Photo printers give us physical copies of our memorable moments to display in our homes or to keep in albums. There are numerous choices in the market, from bulky home printers to small portable ones. However, this makes it difficult to choose what photo printer to buy. Here, we have researched and listed down some of the popular photo printers in Singapore. Check them out!

10 Best Photo Printers in Singapore

1. HP Sprocket

Best Photo Printers Singapore HP Sprocket
Source: Best in Singapore

The HP Sprocket photo printer is a must-have for people who love travelling and photography. Lightweight and compact, you can bring this cell phone-sized photo printer anywhere! With Zero Ink (ZINK) technology, you do not have to worry about supplying the photo printer with ink.

Able to connect to your mobile device, you can use the HP Sprocket to print pictures from your social media. You can also download the Sprocket app to view the printing queue and status of the device. In addition, the app allows you to decorate and edit your photos before printing.

Though using slightly pricy HP ZINK photo paper, the photo paper gives the printed pictures a peelable sticky backing. This gives you the option to use your photos as decorations for your wall. Also, when not in use, you can place the printer in sleep mode to conserve battery life.

Why buy this product:
  • Prints wallet-sized photos
  • Can easily connect to mobile devices
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Enables photo editing with Sprocket app

2. Canon SELPHY CP-1300

Best Photo Printers Singapore Canon Selphy CP-1300
Source: Shopee

Looking like a small and sleek home printer, the Canon SELPHY CP-1300 photo printer is one of the best photo printers around. From its LCD screen, you can see how your picture is formatted before printing. Weighing nearly a kilogram, you can bring this photo printer from your home to events and gatherings. 

Featuring WiFi connectivity, you can easily print your pictures by sending them to the device. This also means that you can print your pictures directly from your social media profile. There is also the option of docking your USB or SD card to the printer to see your pictures. 

Aside from pocket-sized pictures, this photo printer can print pictures as large as 6×4 inches. The printer also has a photo booth setting which allows you to print two strips of a chosen image. 

Why buy this product:
  • Able to produce high-quality photos
  • Able to connect to android and Apple devices
  • Equipped with WiFi connectivity
  • Can print a maximum size of 6×4 inches

3. Canon PIXMA Pro-100

Best Photo Printers Singapore Canon Pixma Pro-100
Source: Amazon

Another Canon product, the Canon PIXMA Pro-100 is a home printer that can produce high-quality images. Compared to other high-quality home printers, this printer is reasonably priced at nearly $500. With an 8 ink cartridge system, this printer is capable of printing photos with high colour accuracy. 

Having a maximum printing size of 13×19 inches, this printer is ideal for printing portraits and postcards. It can print on both regular printer paper and glossy paper. The product is fully compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. The printer also supports printing images sent through your mobile and WiFi.

Why buy this product:
  • Uses 8 ink cartridges
  • High colour accuracy prints
  • Reasonably priced for a home printer

4. Brother Printer Mono Laser HL-1210W

Best Photo Printers Singapore Brother Printer Mono Laser HL-1210W
Source: Amazon

The Brother Printer Mono Laser HL-1210W is a quality laser printer for your home. Though laser printers are not known for quality photo prints, this printer can produce quality prints. The photos printed are comparable to photos from the Canon SELPHY. With a printing speed of 20 to 30 prints per minute, you can get your pictures in no time. Also, since the product is a laser printer, it saves you the cost of buying ink. 

Why buy this product:
  • Capable of high-speed printing
  • Cost-effective printing
  • Prints on A4, A5, and A6 papers

5. Fujifilm Instax Share SP-3

Best Photo Printers Singapore Fujifilm Instax Share SP-3
Source: Shopee

From Fujifilm, the Instax Share SP-3 is one of the top portable photo printers out there. With a rechargeable battery pack, the printer is capable of printing up to 100 photos before needing a recharge. Clocking an average print time of 13 seconds, you do not have to worry about waiting a few minutes for your pictures.

The device is fully equipped to connect to WiFi and your mobile device. In its accompanying Instax Share app, you can customize your photos using the numerous templates and preset filters available. Featuring a polaroid picture style, the photo printer gives your pictures a retro-modern look. It uses special photo paper called the Instax Square film

Why buy this product:
  • Nearly 13-second average print speed per photo
  • Numerous templates available from the app
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery pack

6. Epson PictureMate PM-520

Epson PictureMate PM-520
Source: Epson

The Epson PictureMate PM-520 is a great choice for printing borderless pictures. It has a printing speed of 36 seconds per photo. The high printing speed combined with accurate prints makes this printer a top contender when buying photo printers. With a built-in LCD, you can easily choose which pictures to print.

Able to connect to multiple devices, you can have your photos queued and printed immediately. In addition, despite looking slightly bulky, the printer is fully portable. There is also the option of using a rechargeable battery pack. 

Why buy this product:
  • Able to connect to multiple devices at a time
  • Has a built-in LCD for easy usage
  • Able to print photos from storage devices and online sources

7. Huawei CV-80 Portable Photo Printer

Huawei Pocket Photo Printer
Source: Shopee

Small and compact, the Huawei CV-80 Portable Photo Printer is an ideal choice for printing on the go. This printer is designed to be lightweight but still able to print vivid photos. A unique feature of this printer is its Augmented Reality function. This gives your photos some life whenever you scan them with your phone.

The printer can easily connect to any mobile device. For Huawei devices, the printer can be connected through Huawei Share. Meanwhile, other devices can also connect through Bluetooth. You can also use ZINK paper for this printer to turn your photos into decorative pieces.

Why buy this product:
  • Compact design
  • Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Uses inkless printing technology

8. Kodak Smile Instant Digital Printer

Kodak Smile Instant Digital Printer
Source: Shopee

Inspired by the 90s, the Kodak Smile Instant Digital Printer looks like a retro portable printer. Like most portable printers, it uses inkless technology for printing. You can connect with the app through its user-friendly Smile App. The printer can also connect to your mobile through Bluetooth. Similar to the previous printer on this list, the Kodak Smile also utilizes augmented reality technology for its prints.

Why buy this product:
  • Retro-inspired design
  • Accompanied by a free user-friendly app
  • Uses augmented reality technology

9. Xiaomi Mijia

Xiaomi Mijia
Source: Shopee

Commonly used to print ID pictures, the Xiaomi Mijia is perfect for printing photos for documents. The printer coats photos with a protective coating to prevent scratching or fading. Aside from having long-lasting prints, the photos produced are also colour accurate. Despite not having an accompanying app, it is compatible with other editing and printing apps such as AirPrint and Mijia. 

Why buy this product:

  • Produces high-quality and colour accurate photos
  • Gives printed photos protective coating
  • Compatible with most printing apps

10. Paperang P1

Paperang P1
Source: Shopee

If you are looking for an affordable photo printer, the Paperang P1 is the cheapest option on the market. Though looking similar to a toy, this printer can produce beautiful monochromatic pictures. This printer uses inkless thermal printing technology and thermal paper for cost-effective printing. If you are doubtful because of thermal printing, this printer uses high-grade thermal paper that has water and smudge resistance. You can also use this printer for label making and printing business cards.

Why buy this product:
  • Very affordable pricing
  • Perfect for beginners 
  • Cost-effective printing

We hope that our article on the 10 Best Photo Printers in Singapore has helped you find the photo printer you are looking for! If you’ve found this to be useful, please do share it with your family and friends, thank you!

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