Nature has a certain way that mesmerizes us with its beauty. We try to find ways to bring pieces of nature back to our homes. We d this either through souvenirs or artworks. Terrariums allow us to make miniature gardens that can become beautiful landscapes with the right amount of customization. You can easily purchase DIY kits for these small gardens from speciality stores. You can learn how to properly make and care for terrariums through workshops. However, with the numerous terrarium shops and workshops out there, it can be difficult to choose which shop can fulfil your needs. Here, we have researched and listed down some of the popular and trusted terrarium shops and workshops in Singapore. Check them out!

11 Best Terrarium Shops and Workshops in Singapore

1. J2 Terrarium

J2 Terrarium Best Terrarium Shops and Workshops Singapore
Source: J2 Terrarium

J2 Terrarium started as a hobby by a couple who loved nature. The business has now expanded to a terrarium shop and workshop place that shares its love for Mother Nature with others. They supply materials for terrarium making and host excellent workshops. Here, you can surely have your miniature garden in no time.

The shop has pre-made terrariums available for purchase. Starting at $38, you can choose from any of their terrarium designs. Their terrariums are enclosed in different containers such as glass pots or cubes. Additionally, you can find other sets that have LED lighting for your little garden. Additionally, there is the option to create a customized terrarium by submitting your ideas. 

Want a more personalized look for your terrarium? You can also enlist in their terrarium workshops. The goal of the workshops is to teach the basics of terrarium creation and design. These sessions give you time for bonding with family and friends. The workshops give you coaching on how to properly care for your terrarium. A session lasts for 2 hours and costs a minimum of $35 per person. You will get all the materials needed to make a terrarium and a complimentary figurine.

2. InOut Atelier

InOut Atelier Best Terrarium Shops and Workshops Singapore
Source: InOut Atelier

From the belief that greenery can be appreciated indoors, InOut Atelier was established. They craft terrariums using the concept of living art and bringing it to your home. Overall, miniature landscapes aspire to bring harmony and tranquillity wherever you choose to display them.InOut Atelier’s terrariums are pre-made and take inspiration from nature for the designs. The terrariums use pole mosses and decorated with coloured sediments. The containers are then sealed securely to build up humidity over time. Each terrarium looks like it was taken from beautiful locations such as hills with torii gates or mountainside paths. The price of these terrariums starts at $20.

Should you prefer personalized terrariums, you can also submit your designs and themes. They have made customized designs with various decorations and containers such as beer dispensers. The cost of these customized terrariums start at $160 but can reach up to $300. InOut Atelier also offers workshops for terrarium making and preserve mossframe art. These workshops begin at $35 and include materials and containers for terrarium making.

3. The Orijean

The Orijean Best Terrarium Shops and Workshops Singapore
Source: The Orijean

Specializing in minimalist designs, The Orijean brings you aesthetically pleasing terrariums. Their products include pre-made terrariums in addition to kits for terrarium making. They offer three series for pre-made terrariums: Beginning, Stone, and Petit series. For each series, you can choose the decorations, container, and plant you want for your terrarium. 

For a unique bonding activity, you can hire them for a terrarium workshop. The workshops can accommodate from 4 to 8 people and includes kits for terrarium making. You can also add on larger vases and planting tools such as miniature shovels and rakes.

4. Mossingarden

Mossingarden Best Terrarium Shops and Workshops Singapore
Source: Mossingarden

Mossingarden is a terrarium shop and workshop venue that offers terrariums and art prints inspired by nature. With various designs and decorations, their beautiful terrariums can surely liven up your home. The terrariums come in different sizes and containers that you can choose from. There are also different themes such as enchanted forest and bee catcher.

One of Mossingarden’s eye-catching terrariums is their limited edition Jurassic Series. These terrariums are decorated with soil and plants to simulate your very own Jurassic Park. You can choose from Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus rex figurines to include in your terrarium.

5. A Tilly A Day

A Tilly A Day Best Terrarium Shops and Workshops Singapore
Source: A Tilly A Day

If you need a one-stop shop for all of your terrarium needs, then A Tilly A Day is the one you are looking for! With exotic plants, decorations, and accessories, you can make a completely original terrarium. There are also ready-made terrariums if you do not have the time to make a terrarium yourself.

The shop sells several designs of open and closed terrariums of varying sizes. Starting at $15, you can buy a kit to make a mini terrarium. These kits may be small, but it has all that you need to make a basic terrarium. This is also perfect if you are a beginner at terrarium making or if you want to make a small terrarium with your kids.

Aside from regular terrariums, they have marimo terrariums for sale. These special terrariums are freshwater environments with marimo algae. Additionally, it comes with aquatic decorations such as seashells and glass pebbles. The glass containers for marimo terrariums are also fitted with cork covers and LED lights.

6. Crafts for Green

Crafts for Green Best Terrarium Shops and Workshops Singapore
Source: Crafts for Green

Crafts for Green is a terrarium shop and workshop host that sells everything for beginner and experienced terrarium makers. From DIY kits to small figurines, you have the freedom to decorate your terrarium to your heart’s content. They also have workshops where you can choose the shape and size of the container you want alongside the plants and decorations you want in your terrarium.

Looking for a fun activity for your little one’s birthday party? Crafts for green offers children’s terrarium workshops that can accommodate up to 50 children. For a minimum of $24 per person, they will transport terrarium equipment and teach children how to make their little gardens. Also, each child will get to use tools, plants, and figurines for their terrariums.

7. The Green Capsule

The Green Capsule
Source: The Green Capsule

Founded in 2014, The Green Capsule aims to become one of the first terrarium shops that offer a full range of customization options. Presently, they have pre-made terrariums on hand with varying sizes and designs. There are several variations and designs to choose from ranging from small egg terrariums to geo glasshouse.

Want something different from a normal terrarium? The shop offers a special open terrarium called an airplant greenwall. Instead of glass containers, these terrariums are placed on frames that you can hang. This is perfect if you want a unique and eye-catching art piece for your home or office. It comes in 4 different sizes, and you will be advised on how to properly care for your greenwall.

If you are looking for bonding activities, they offer terrarium workshops for corporate functions and parties. Aside from pre-made terrariums and workshops, The Green Capsule also sells plants for home decorations and gifts. If you are looking to add plants to your garden, you can take a look at their collection of uncommon plants. 

8. Green Banana

Green Banana
Source: Green Banana

Green Banana is known for its ability to create carefully designed and well-crafted plant showcases. Their products are made with passion for small unique plants. Green Banana’s terrariums are made based on the specifications given by the client. You need only submit your ideas and designs during your consultation. Afterwards, they will accommodate you to the best of their ability. 

There are pre-made terrariums open and closed terrariums. Choose from different containers such as coffee cups and small beakers. You can also sign up for their terrarium and floral arrangement workshops. These workshops are available for private occasions and corporate events.

9. Lush Glass Door

Lush Glass Door
Source: Lush Glass Door

Intending to become Singapore’s leading plant gift shop, Lush Glass Door offers a wide selection of quality terrarium-related items. They offer perfect gifts for every occasion from DIY kits to fairy light glass jars. There are also miniature figurines for terrarium customization.

Featuring several terrarium designs on their website, you have several collections to choose from such as their foster zen-themed succulent terrarium. It is an open terrarium that houses a succulent surrounded by decorative sediments and artificial plants. They also offer workshops for terrarium making during holidays and special events. There are several workshops that they endorse for private and public events. These workshops include couple’s terrarium workshops and geometric terrarium workshops. These are perfect for dates and bonding with your friends and loved ones.

10. Terrarium4u

Source: Terrarium4u

Terrarium4u’s products will make you feel that you have a piece of nature in your home. Their products aim to bring you closer to the natural world while in the comfort of your home. Using only premium quality materials, they create unique terrariums for you to display. For example, their on-hand terrariums range from beautiful waterfalls to scenic cliffside. Featuring mosses and miniature plants, these terrariums can realistically simulate natural landscapes. They also offer a replanting service should you ever need to reinvigorate your terrarium to its former glory.

11. Terrarium Singapore

Terrarium Singapore
Source: Terrarium Singapore

If you are looking for premium quality terrarium workshops, Terrarium Singapore has just what you need. They give you the freedom to customize the workshop that you want. There are add-ons that you can enlist such as catering services and transportation. Above all, the workshops aim to develop creativity, communication and improve one’s well-being. 

You can book their workshops for a private session starting at $28 per person. With a minimum of 5 people, you can make individual or group terrariums. These sessions include kits for terrarium making and figurines for decorations. However, if you want to do the workshop remotely, you can opt to have a virtual workshop. Virtual workshops will have the materials delivered to you and other participants. There is also the option to purchase a DIY terrarium kit for yourself. These kits can be delivered directly to your home to save you the trip.

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