Window grills are a must to keep you and your home safe from unwanted access. They can also serve as decorative bars to give your windows a unique look, or match the aesthetic with other windows. You can always opt for a traditional window grill, but other designs are now made available to satisfy both your safety requirements and aesthetic needs. Different window contractors and shops in Singapore offer plenty of choices when it comes to window grills, so we’ve shortlisted the 8 Best Window Grills in Singapore to help you find the best installation services to dress up your windows.

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8 Best Window Grills In Singapore (2021)

This article was last updated 22 April 2021.

8 Best Window Grills in Singapore 

1. mc.2

mc.2 window grills singapore - 8 Best Window Grills In Singapore (2021)

mc.2 is known as the leading brand for smart blinds and curtains in Singapore. They are committed to creating unique living experiences for their customers by providing solutions that they need without breaking the bank.  

mc.2 specializes in invisible grills, so they would be the perfect pick if you don’t want noticeable bars on your windows. Commonly known as ‘stainless steel cables’, this type of window grill is usually used at residential condos or offices in Singapore. It came about to satisfy the need for safety, especially in high-rise buildings. Compared to the traditional grills that seem bulky, they are hardly noticeable from afar and blend seamlessly in any background. So, they won’t interfere with your design nor block your amazing view from where you are.

Contractor highlights:
  • Free consultations
  • Ethical and transparent pricing with no hidden charges
  • Quality workmanship

2. ENDO Grilles

endo grille window grilles singapore - 8 Best Window Grills In Singapore (2021)

Derived from the word ‘endurance’, ENDO Grilles is known for its commitment to design products to help ensure the safety of your family. All their products are tried and tested to last the test of time. They offer different kinds of grills tailor-made to fit your needs, from invisible cable to aluminum grills.

They also have other products used as safety measures at home like window restrictors, door guards and automatic gates.

Contractor highlights:
  • Quality service with excellent customer satisfaction
  • 5-star reviews for prompt and efficient service
  • Offers reasonable price quotations

3. Aluminium Wrought 

aluminium wrought window grills singapore - 8 Best Window Grills In Singapore (2021)

Aluminum Wrought offers installation of aluminum products such as window grills, doors, or gates. They are are known for their excellent service and quality products. Since aluminum is strong and lightweight, it is known to provide the best benefits for windows, doors, or gates. Moreover, it is also resistant to heat, rust, and chemicals.

Aluminum is also affordable compared to other materials and considered to be cost-effective. So if you’re on a budget, you might want to consider installing aluminum window grills on your home.

Contractor highlights:
  • Uses high-end aluminum materials
  • Offers long-lasting and rust-free grills

4. Window Grill Singapore

window grill singapore - 8 Best Window Grills In Singapore (2021)

Window Grill Singapore is a reliable window and gate company that aims to provide safety and security to your homes. They supply window grills and gates using different materials that cater to your safety requirement, personal taste, and budget. Moreover, they are committed to provide their products and services at a competitive rate without compromising quality.

Window Grill Singapore also accepts customized jobs depending on customers’ needs. So if you’re looking for customized designs, this brand is the top pick.

Contractor highlights:
  • Licensed experts to assist customers
  • Installation assistance
  • Provides after-sales support

5. A & V Aluminium

anv aluminium window grills singapore - 8 Best Window Grills In Singapore (2021)

A & V Aluminium is a window, grills, and doors professional and had been in the industry for more than 20 years. They offer a wide range of top quality products and provide excellent installation services. Their products range from aluminum windows and grills, wrought iron window and door grills, glass doors, and a lot more.

A & V Aluminium is an HDB registered contractor which gives you peace of mind that your house is in good hands. They give utmost importance in quality and durability.

Contractor highlights:
  • Free on-site consultation
  • Competitive yet affordable rates
  • Quality workmanship 

6. SG Window Grille

sg window grille - 8 Best Window Grills In Singapore (2021)

SG Window Grille is a windows and grills specialist who ensures the supply and installation of your window grills is done safely and complies with safety requirements. They use high-quality aluminum with reasonable pricing. 

Aside from window grills, they also offer sliding windows, collapsible doors, awning push-out windows, and bi-fold doors. So if you’re planning a major renovation for your doors and windows, you might want to consider getting them done by SG Window Grille.

Contractor highlights:

  • No installation fees, hidden charges, and additional costs
  • In compliance with safety requirements

7. Meridian Invisible Grille

meridian invisible grille - 8 Best Window Grills In Singapore (2021)

Meridian Invisible Grille positions itself to be the market leader in creating products that are unique and long-lasting. If you opt for invisible grills on a budget, they are the cream of the crop. Their invisible grille is of good quality and with the lowest price in the market (and even better with a price guarantee, in case you find a better price in the market within 7 days).

The Invisible Window Grille is a product of 2 years of market research, developed based on the need of their customers with regards to safety and lifestyle choices. So, their products are guaranteed to promote safety for the whole family.

Contractor highlights:
  • Prices match with other providers
  • Offers good quality grills at a lower price

8. CSA Group

csa group - 8 Best Window Grills In Singapore (2021)

CSA is one of the trusted brands in Invisible Grilles with their customized products based on your needs and requirements. They practice strict quality control and insist on the best quality features of their products. With these strict quality control and requirements, they are committed to only providing high-quality workmanship by being abreast with the latest technology and materials for continuous product development. 

Contractor highlights:
  • Offers free consultation
  • Fast and quality services
  • Products come with  a 5-year warranty

What to consider when hiring a window grill provider?

Product Safety

In choosing the best service providers for homes, we need to make sure that the materials are built with safety standards met without compromising aesthetic features. Experts backed by years of experience are highly recommended to make sure that everything is in order and abides by rules set to assure the safety of everyone. 

Product Cost

To avoid getting surprised by bills, contractors should be transparent with regards to the costs, not only of installation but also maintenance and repairs. With transparency, you will be able to spend your money according to your allotted budget.

Company Background

It would be best to do a background check on companies and their people. If possible, you should check their license and insurance as well, so you will be assured that your contractor is following the standard requirements and protocols upon installing the window grills on your home.


We sincerely hope that our recommendations on the 8 Best Window Grills in Singapore have helped you find the best contractor for your home renovation. Please share this with your family and friends if you’ve found it useful. Do look forward to more window guides that we will be releasing soon!

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8 Best Window Grills In Singapore (2021)

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