Cheongsams are traditional dresses with deep roots in East and Southeast Asian culture. Previously used to convey one’s status, the cheongsam was modernized by women in the upper classes. Nowadays, cheongsams still hold a traditional clothing status but their style has been combined with more modern fashion. These dresses can be used as outfits for events, leisure, and even for the office. However, it can be difficult to choose where to buy your cheongsam if you want one for an event or everyday use. Here, we have researched and listed down some of the popular and trusted cheongsam stores in Singapore. Check them out!

9 Best Cheongsam Stores in Singapore

1. Mama and Misse

Mama and Misse Best Cheongsam Stores Singapore
Source: Mama and Misse

Mama and Misse is a store that specializes in making and selling cheongsams and evening wear. With experienced dressmakers and tested techniques, they aim to provide you with luxury cheongsams from only the best fabrics around. Aside from cheongsams, they offer custom workwear and alterations for all clothing from jeans to wedding gowns.

Starting from $80, you can buy one of their beautifully designed bespoke cheongsams. One of their best selling dresses is the Cindy Short Sleeve Cheongsam. Featuring a short-sleeved midi dress style, the dress is made of a red saree fabric with black and gold trim. The dress comes in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. Also, you can have the dress altered or resized to fit you perfectly.

Mama and misse has several collections you can view online or in their store. These selections include bridal cheongsams and lace cheongsams. The shop has a delivery service with a fee of only $8. However, the service is free for minimum spending of $250.

2. Lark and Peony

Lark and Peony Best Cheongsam Stores Singapore
Source: Lark and Peony

Lark and Peony aim to create modern clothing that gives justice to the Oriental style. The designers from this cheongsam store incorporate the essence of modernity into the traditional and nostalgic love for the cheongsam. 

The shop has varying designs for the cheongsam. Aside from sleeveless and short-sleeved cheongsam dresses, you can take a look at their cheongsam tops. The designs used in their dresses range from single-coloured short dresses to batik and jungle patterns. Fabrics used in their cheongsams includes polyblends, cotton, and spandex.

Other than local delivery options, they also cater to international clients with international shipping options. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, there is the option to return your item in exchange for store credit. You have a window of 1 week for local and 2 for international orders to return your order.

3. YeoMama Batik


YeoMama Batik Best Cheongsam Stores Singapore
Source: YeoMama Batik

Inspired by the beauty of batik fabric, YeoMama Batik started as a family business to sell batik in Singapore. Starting from a batik-inspired cheongsam collection, they have expanded to create variations of cheongsams using different styles and batik patterns. With traditionally handcrafted batik from Indonesia, they have continued to sell modern batik-inspired clothing.

YeoMama’s most notable products are their cheongsam collections. Their best selling cheongsams include the Boba Batik Cheongsam. Featuring a style similar to a romper, this cheongsam carries a phoenix motif that is perfect for all occasions. It comes with a hidden back pocket alongside two side pockets. On their website, the shop displays a guide for sizes to make picking the perfect fit for you a lot easier.

Aside from cheongsams, the shop also sells clothing for everyone. Here you can find shirts and dresses for all ages. There are also batik-patterned sportswear, masks, belts, and scarves for sale.

4. Shanghai Tang

Shanghai Tang Best Cheongsam Stores Singapore
Source: Shanghai Tang

Established in Hong Kong, Shanghai Tang is a known luxury clothing brand in China. Combining storied traditions with modern designs, the brand has released clothing, accessories, and decorations that represent the essence of the Eastern lifestyle. They have a selection of shirts, cheongsams and dresses, and children’s clothing on hand. 

With various colours and materials, you can choose a cheongsam that perfectly fits your style. One of their featured cheongsams is the rose-print qipao. Made from cotton fabric, the dress features a rose-print design knit with a mandarin silk collar and piping. The dress is floor length and has thigh-high slits on each side. You don’t have to worry about comfort since the fabric used stretches to perfectly hug your curves.

5. Dotted Line

Dotted Line Best Cheongsam Stores Singapore
Source: Dotted Line

Dotted Line is a clothing store established with the goal of designing effortlessly elegant cheongsams. The brand has released cheongsams fit for everyday use either for office or leisure. From no sleeves to long sleeves or short to long length, Dotted Line will surely have the dress for you.

Some of their best selling cheongsams are the red tulip and Diane wrap dresses. Featuring a retro-inspired tulip print on cotton fabric, the cheongsam has cut shoulders, a pleated neckline, and a gathered skirt. Meanwhile, the Diane wrap dress is perfect for warm weather and is not too tight with an elasticized waist.

Upon subscribing to their mailing list for the first time, you can get a 10% discount on your first order. They also offer a free shipping service for local orders with minimum spending of $100. International orders can also be shipped for free for orders over $350.

6. MGP Label

MGP Label
Source: MGP Label

Founded in 2006, MGP Label has become an international fast-fashion label since its establishment in Singapore. With the goal of dressing the modern millennial woman, the brand has sold quality clothing for everyday life. On their website, you can view their designs based on dress colour, clothing type, and occasion. 

MGP Label’s cheongsams come in various colours, designs, and styles. Their cheongsam styles include standard dresses, tops, rompers, and jumpsuits. Each of their cheongsam designs comes in several colours and prints. The materials used for the products are cotton, lace, and polyester.

If you are looking for something other than cheongsams, MGP Label also sells shoes, accessories, and maternity dresses. The shop has the option for a free shipping service in Singapore and Malaysia. You can also have your order quoted and delivered internationally. 

7. NeonMello

Source: NeonMello

An online fashion brand, NeonMello brings fashion-forward styles at affordable prices. Here you can find an assortment of women’s clothing from tops to rompers. NeonMello has cheongsam collections for seasons like spring and summer and events such as Lunar New Year. With varying dress lengths, their cheongsams are decorated with various prints alongside pearls and lace. You can also find cheongsams for children in their store if you want a matching set with your little one. 

8. Fayth

Source: Fayth

Fayth is a relatively new fashion brand due to its establishment in 2014. The store has grown to open two stores and has been able to ship its product overseas. Their products are made from comfortable materials and designed to be both classy and versatile.

Starting from $46, you can purchase one of their beautiful cheongsams. Fayth’s cheongsams are known to have varying designs of floral print. These dresses are perfect if you want an eye-catching look at any event you go to. You can choose from having traditional designs or have a more modern touch like keyhole closures. 

For orders in Singapore and Malaysia, purchases with a total of $80 can be delivered for free. You can also have your orders shipped internationally with fees reaching up to a minimum of $27.

9. Studio HHFZ

Studio HHFZ
Source: Studio HHFZ

Looking for something more personalized? Studio HHFZ is an Instagram shop that makes custom-tailored outfits. They have made bespoke dresses, gowns, and cheongsams for weddings, holidays, and other occasions and events. You can ask your questions for them through Instagram and email to better personalize your dress. However, there is a 3 to 6 month lead time for personal appointments so you have to schedule your slot well in advance!

Address: 261 Waterloo St, #02-12 Waterloo Centre, Singapore 180261
Tel.: +65 8808 4512

If you want more matching personalized cheongsams for you and your child, we suggest taking a look at Mazzario. We hope that our article on the best cheongsam stores has helped you find the ideal store for you! If you’ve found this to be useful, please do share it with your family and friends, thank you!

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